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About Abaan Group

In the dynamic world of international trade, Abaan Group has been crafting a legacy of excellence since 2001. Our journey unfolds as a testament to an unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and innovative trading solutions. Evolving into a distinguished player in the import and export of premium goods, Abaan Group began its remarkable journey in 2001. Over the years, we have become synonymous with reliability and excellence, fostering global connections that lead to lasting success in the dynamic landscape of international trade.

A Visionary Leader in Global Trade

Meet Mr. Najeeb A, our Chairman and CEO, a seasoned professional with 15+ years in corporate marketing and commercial operations. Proficient in family-owned businesses, he excels in trading, exporting, and importing in India and the UAE. Recognized for impactful trade deals, cross-enterprise alliances, and successful turnarounds.

In his role as Managing Director, Mr. Najeeb has propelled Woodland Import & Export to unprecedented success, with a turnover exceeding Rupees 500 crore. This makes the company a key player in Cashew Trading and exporting Industries, boasting a robust staff strength of 150+. His leadership extends to directing all trade deals, finance, accounting, and administration functions. A skilled negotiator and relationship builder, Mr. Najeeb's success lies in securing favorable terms and guiding teams through complex dealings. Join us in celebrating his visionary leadership as Abaan Group continues to redefine excellence in global trade.

Our Subsidiaries

Dive into the specialized realms of Abaan Group's subsidiaries, each contributing uniquely to our commitment to excellence.

Abaan Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Engaged in the retail sale of food and beverages, Abaan Impex Pvt Ltd caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of consumers across the globe, offering a wide range of high-quality food products.

Woodland Import & Export

As a wholesale trader, Woodland Import & Export specializes in dealing with various basic manufactured food items. With a focus on quality and efficiency, this subsidiary plays a pivotal role in our global trade network.

Bellinturf India Pvt Ltd

In the realm of civil constructions, Bellinturf India Pvt Ltd stands out with its expertise in turfs, glass bridges, and more. As the authorized dealer for Bellinturf in India, we bring innovative solutions to the construction industry.


Excellence in Every Connection

Embark on a journey of global trade excellence with Abaan Group, your trusted partner in the import and export industry. Our commitment to exceptional service, innovation, and reliability sets us apart. Discover why Abaan Group is the preferred choice for businesses worldwide.

Our Certifications

Explore our commitment to quality and industry standards through our certifications. Abaan Group takes pride in meeting and exceeding the benchmarks set by reputable certifying bodies. Our dedication to excellence is certified.


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Whether you're seeking premium goods, exploring trade partnerships, or simply have questions, we're here to assist you. At Abaan Group, we believe in creating meaningful connections. Reach out today to discuss your business needs, inquire about our diverse product range, or explore potential collaborations. Let's shape success together.

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